Confused about all those acronyms and energy market terms? We were, so we created this helpful glossary.

ABARE Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
AC Alternating current
ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
ADL Average Daily Load
AEMC Australian Energy Market Commission
AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator
AER Australian Energy Regulator
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time
AGC Automatic Generation Control
AGE Adjusted Gross Energy
AIR Annual Interconnector Review
AMI Advanced Metering Infrastructure
ANTS Annual National Transmission Statement
APLNG Australia Pacific LNG
APR Annual Planning Review
ASIC Australian Securities Investment Commission
AWEFS Australian Wind Energy Forecasting System
B2B Business to Business
BMP Basic Meter Profile
BMRG Business-to-Business and Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions Reference Group
CAF Change Assessment Form
CATS Customer Administration and Transfer Solution
CCGT Combined Cycle Gas Turbine cfd CfD Contract for Difference
CGP Carpentaria Gas Pipeline
CIF Change Implementation Form
CIR Congestion Information Resource
CLP Controlled Load Profile
COAG Council of Australian Governments
COB Close of Business
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPRS Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
CSV Comma Separated Value
CT Current Transformer
DB Distribution Business
DC Direct Current
DI Dispatch Interval
DLF Distribution Loss Factor
DMS Dispute Management System
DNSP Distribution Network Service Provider
DPRG Dispatch and Pricing Reference Group
DRP Dispute Resolution Panel
DTS Declared Transmission System (Victoria)
also Dispatcher Timing Simulator
DUFG Distribution Unaccounted For Gas
DUOS Distribution Use of System Charge
DWGM Declared Wholesale Gas Market (Victoria)
EAAP Energy Adequacy Assessment Projection
EDR Economic Demonstrated Resources
EGP Eastern Gas Pipeline
EHV Extra High Voltage
EMAS Enhanced Metering Administration System
EMS Energy Management System
EMMS Energy Market Management System EN Embedded network
ENLR Embedded Network Local Retailer
EoD End of Day (gas)
EoD LP End of Day Line Pack
ERIG Electricity Reform Implementation Group (reported to COAG 2007)
ESI Electricity Supply Industry
ESOO Electricity Statement of Opportunities
EUR Estimated ultimate recovery
ETS Emissions Trading Scheme
FCAS Frequency Control Ancillary Services
FRC Full Retail Contestability
also Full Retail Competition
FRMP Financially Responsible Market Participant
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GBB Gas Bulletin Board
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GELF Generator Energy Limitation Framework
GGAS Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme
GHG Greenhouse gas
GLNG Gladstone LNG
GP Government Liaison Panel
GPG Gas powered generation
also Gas-fired Power Generator
GRCF Gas Retail Consultative Forum
GWCF Gas Wholesale Consultative Forum
GSOO Gas Statement of Opportunities
GSP Gross State Product
HV High Voltage
HVAC High Voltage Alternating Current
HVDC High Voltage Direct Current
IGCC Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
IOA Interconnection Operating Agreement
IRPC Inter Regional Planning Committee
IRSR Inter Regional Settlement Residue
ITT Invitation to Tender
JPB Jurisdictional Planning Body
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LF Loss Factor
LFRG Load Forecasting Reference Group
LMP Longford to Melbourne Pipeline
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LNSP Local Network Service Provider
LOR Lack of Reserve
LP Linear Program
LPA Linepack Account
LR Local Retailer
LRC Low Reserve Condition
LRET Large-scale Renewable Energy Target
LRMC Long-Run Marginal Cost
LV Low Voltage
MAMP Metering Asset Management Plan
MAPS Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline
MAS Metering Administration System
MCE Ministerial Council on Energy
also Market Clearing Engine
MCL Maximum Credit Limit
MD Maximum Demand
MDA Metering Data Agent
MDFF Meter Data File Format
MDM Meter Data Management
MDP Meter Data Provider (collect, process and transfer data)
MDQ Maximum Daily Quantity
MFP Market Floor Price
MIBB Market Information Bulletin Board
MILP Mixed Integer Linear Programming
MIRN Metering Identification Reference Number
MLF Marginal Loss Factor
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MML Market Minutes Lost
MMS Market Management Systems
MNSP Market Network Service Provider
MOS Market Operator Service
MP Metering Provider
MPB Metering Provider (provide, install, maintain)
MPC Metering Provider (data collection)
also Market Price Cap
MRET Mandated Renewable Energy Target
MRIM Manually Read Interval Meter
MRL Minimum Reserve Level
MSATS Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions
MSOR Market and System Operations Rules
MSP Moomba to Sydney Pipeline
MTPASA Medium Term Projected Assessment of System Adequacy
NA Network Application
NCAS Network Control Ancillary Services
NDSC National Dispatch and Security Centre
NECA National Electricity Code Administrator Limited
NEL National Electricity Law
NEM National Electricity Market
NEMDE NEM Dispatch Engine (previously SPD)
NEMMCO National Electricity Market Management Company Limited
NEMnet National Electricity Market participant network
NEMSATC NEM Settlements and Transfer Committee
NEMW-CF National Electricity Market Wholesale Consultative Forum
NEO National Electricity Objective
NER National Electricity Rules
NGATS NSW Gas Abatement Scheme
NGERAC National Gas Emergency Response Advisory Committee
NGF National Generators Forum
NGL National Gas Law
NGR National Gas Rules NMI National Metering Identifier
NMNS Non-Market Non-Scheduled generating unit
NMS Non-Market Scheduled generating unit
NOS Network Outage Scheduler
NQGP North Queensland Gas Pipeline
NRF National Retailers Forum
NRNSP Non Registered Network Service Provider
NSA Network Support Agreement
NSL Net System Load
NSLP Net System Load Profile
NSP Network Service Provider
NSRD Next Scheduled Read Date
NTC Network Tariff Code
NTP National Transmission Planner
NTNDP National Transmission Network Development Plan
OCD Over-Constrained Dispatch
OCGT Open Cycle Gas Turbine
OPDMS Operations and Planning Data Management System
PASA Projected Assessment of System Adequacy
PI Participant Interface
PF Power Factor
POE Probability of Exceedance
PV Photovoltaic
QCLNG Queensland Curtis LNG
QGP Queensland Gas Pipeline
QNI Queensland – New South Wales Interconnector
RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
RBP Roma to Brisbane Pipeline
RERT Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader
RET Renewable Energy Target
RIEMNS Review of Integration of Energy Market and Network Services
ROC Rate of Change
ROLR Retailer of Last Resort
RGUL Rapid Generator Unit Loading
RGUU Rapid Generator Unit Unloading
RP Responsible Person
RPAS Reactive Power Ancillary Services
RRN Regional Reference Node
RRP Regional Reference Price
RTP Retail Transfer Procedure
RTS Return to Service
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCI Statement of Corporate Intent
SDPC Supply and Demand Points Constraints
SEA Gas South East Australia Gas Pipeline
SFE Sydney Futures Exchange
SLR Service Level Requirements
SOMMS System Outlook for Market Management Systems
SOO Statement of Opportunities
SPD Scheduling Pricing and Dispatch (now NEMDE)
SRA Settlement Residue Auction
SRAS System Restart Ancillary Service
STPASA Short Term Projected Assessment of System Adequacy
STTM Short Term Trading Market (SA/NSW Gas wholesale market)
SWP South West Pipeline
SWQP South West Queensland Pipeline
TA Trading Amount
TGP Tasmanian Gas Pipeline
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
TI Trading Interval
TLF Transmission Loss Factor
TNI Transmission Node Identifier
TNSP Transmission Network Service Provider
TUOS Transmission Use of System Charge
UAFG Unaccounted For Gas
UGS Underground Gas Storage
UIGF Unconstrained Intermittent Generation Forecast
UMCP Unmetered Connection Point
USE Unserved Energy
VAPR Victorian Annual Planning Report
VCR Value of Customer Reliability
VGPR Victorian Gas Planning Report
VoLL Value of Lost Load
VPX Victorian Power Exchange
V-SA Victoria to South Australia Interconnector
VT Voltage Transformer
WIGS Wholesale, interconnector, generator or sample (NMI classifications)
WTS Western Transmission System